Serena Williams Welcomes Baby

Tennis legend Serena Williams has welcomed her first child.

It is a baby girl and her sister is super excited that she is now an aunt.

New York Daily News report: “Tennis star Serena Williams gives birth to a baby girl weighing 6 pounds, 13 ounces. Mom and baby doing well".

“Obviously, I’m super excited,” Serena’s big sis, Venus Williams, told ESPN shortly before her match at the US Open on Friday afternoon. “Words can’t describe.”

After the news broke, pal Beyoncé, who recently welcomed twins, offered up her well wishes to the pro athlete, posting on Instagram, “Congratulations Serena!”

Prior to their daughter’s arrival, the couple insisted they didn’t know the sex, though Ohanian said he suspected it would be a girl — and Venus referred to the unborn child as “she” and “her.”

Williams, 35, previously said that despite “not being a baby person,” giving birth would make her feel like a “real woman.”

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It is a unique day for many of his Nigerian fans, as the West African nation's Super Eagles gave them a surprise - a 4 - 0 victory over Cameroon.

They will never forget this day especially now that their Tennis legend, whom some persons believe is of Nigerian descent, gave birth on the same day.

congratulations Serena. Sure you feel like a woman now.

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