Trouble Is Brewing In Kenya

Trouble, big trouble is brewing in Kenya.

Raila Odinga, Kenya’s main opposition leader, is preparing to swear himself in as president.

But you see, Odinga refused to participate in the election and Uhuru Kenyatta who contested with him won the election outright with 98% of votes cast.

But Odinga has refused to acknowledge Kenyatta’s legitimacy and has now declared himself president to be sworn-in on December 12.

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Kenyatta has been inaugurated since November 29.

But Kenya’s Attorney General, Githu Muigai is warning Odinga, telling him that he is courting trouble and that swearing-in an alternative president of Kenya would be an act of treason.

Such an inauguration would worsen the rifts opened by an acrimonious election season, when more than 70 people died in political violence.

"Unless a candidate was declared the victor in an election by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission and the swearing-in was conducted by the Kenyan chief justice," Muigai told a news conference, such an inauguration is “a process wholly unanticipated by the constitution and is null and void”.

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“The criminal law of the Republic of Kenya stipulates that sort of process is high treason,” he said. “It is high treason of the persons involved, and any other person facilitating that process.”

Under Kenyan law, treason is punishable by death.

Odinga’s supporters have proved highly inflammable and attempt to arrest Odinga if he goes ahead with the swearing-in would eventually lead to outbreak of violence resulting from more clashes between Odinga’s supporters and the authorities.

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