Oil Hits Highest Level Since Two Years

Professor Wole Soyinka is going back to Donald Trump’s America, less than a year after he tore his Green Card following the election of Donald Trump as president.

But don’t get it wrong. He is not going to live in America again. He is only going there to deliver a lecture and as a visitor.

He will be speaking from 14 to 16 November at the Richard D. Cohen Lectures at Harvard University Centre for African Studies.

“I’ll go in as an alien, an alien from outer space. I love that designation,” Soyinka said in an interview with Financial Times of London published on Friday.

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The lectures will be in three parts, under the theme: BEYOND AESTHETICS: Use, Abuse and Dissonance in African Art Traditions

The first part, The Acquisitive Eye: “Oga, I swear it’s Original Fake” will be delivered on 14 November.

On 15 November, Soyinka will speak on: ‘Heirs to the Procreative Deities – the Yoruba at Large.’

He ends the talks on Thursday 16 November with the third lecture: ‘From Aso Ebi to N***YWOOD.’

Before the emergence of Trump, Soyinka had spent much time in the US, where he taught at a number of universities and lived in California with his wife, Folake.

“My life has been involved with the diaspora on a very personal and visceral level,” he said of his interaction with prominent African-Americans.

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