PHOTOS: Senate Resumes Plenary, Considers Nigeria's Unity

Senators on Tuesday resumed plenary after their annual recess.

At the executive session, Senators put forward secession agitations that have increased over the last few months especially in the South East Region.

The unity of Nigeria is not negotiable, they all agreed and also considered avenues to make sure peace is restored in all parts of Nigeria.
A group that has been proscribed, the Independent People Of Biafra (IPOB) has pushed for independence of the south-east region and they want a state called Biafra, but the Senate has an advice for them.

"All groups seeking to achieve agitation should do so through Constitutional means," the Senators resolved.
Before deliberations started, Senate President Bukola Saraki welcomed Senators saying the recess had helped the lawmakers to take stock of the success so far and the journey ahead.

He stated that some of the bills passed into law have already began to yield fruits especially with an increase in employment.
While the Senators were on recess, Nigeria's economy that slumped into recession in the second quarter of 2016 crawled out of recession and the Senators commended the nation's economic team.

In the days ahead, the Senate will look at the implementation of the 2017 budget and laws that will ensure a boost to the weak 0.55% margin exit from recession.

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