N6.6b Spent On Feeding 2.9m Pupils In Nigeria

The Nigerian government has spent 6.6 million Naira since the inception of the Home Grown School Feeding Programme to feed 2.9 million school children from 19,881 schools in 14 states.

The programme is part of the current administration’s 500 billion Naira Social Investment Programme that kicked-off late 2016.

In tweets on the Nigerian government’s Twitter handle on Monday, a breakdown of states and schools that have benefited from the programme was given.

A few tweets read: “In total, 2,918,842 school children from 19,881 schools in the 14 pilot states of the federation have so far benefitted.

“A total of 6,643,432,789 billion Naira have been disbursed by the FG since the school feeding programme kicked off late 2016”.

"In total, 2,918,842 school children from 19,881 schools in the 14 pilot states of the federation have so far benefitted."
- @Govt of Nigeria (@AsoRock)

The 14 states that have benefited are Kaduna, Zamfara, Ogun, Bauchi, Osun, Anambra, Taraba, Enugu, Ebonyi, Delta, Ogun, Oyo, Abia and Plateau.

Breakdown Of Schools

According to the breakdown, 3,325 schools in Kaduna State have benefitted from the programme, recording the highest number of schools that are covered by the programme so far.

Kaduna State also has the highest number of school children, with 835,508 fed.


Kaduna is closely followed by Benue State where 2,220 schools are on the programme, with 240,827 schoolchildren fed.

In Zamfara State, 1,952 schools are covered and 198,788 pupils have been fed under the programme.

A total of 1,904 schools are under the programme in Bauchi State, with 307,013 school children benefitting from it.

In Osun State, a total of 1,850 schools have been covered, with 151,438 pupils fed.

The programme in Taraba State has captured 1,479 schools and 171,835 pupils have been fed.

Further figures released showed Anambra State had 807 schools under the programme while 103,742 school children have been fed.

In Enugu State, 108,898 pupils in 622 schools have been fed while a total of 1,403 schools have been covered in Oyo State, with 107,983 pupils fed.

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