Recession Exit: Govt Strategies Would Lower Food Prices- Lai Mohammed

An earlier announcement that Nigeria is out of recession had triggered questions in the minds of Nigerians that have not seen any change in the price of food items.

Nothing has changed in the market, they have continued to lament.

But the Minister of Information and Culture, Mr Lai Mohammed, wants Nigerians to be optimistic of a time where food prices will come down.

"The standard of living of Nigerians will improve," he said.

The Minister gave the assurance on Friday in Abuja when he received Broadcast Media Editors in his office.

He wants Nigerians to shun pessimists' comments, whom he insisted were downplaying the significance of exiting recession and classifying it as mere statistics.

The minister explained that “an economy that is just coming out of recession is like a man who is just recovering from an illness.

“It takes a little time for him to start doing the ‘big’ things he used to do prior to falling sick. He has to fully recover".

The Minister further told the media representatives that present administration would sustain and build on what it did to get the economy out of recession through sustained policy interventions in various sectors.

One of the things the government is doing, according to him to make prices of food items reflect the exit from recession is continued stimulation of local production of staples, using initiatives like the Anchor Borrowers Programme and the Presidential Initiative on Fertiliser.

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The minister warned against the politicisation of the emergence from recession, saying “to naysayers, I will say this issue should not be politicised.

“An issue that affects the welfare of our citizens should not be toyed with.

“Let us all appreciate what this administration has done in returning our economy to the path of positive growth and then support and encourage it to do more.

”Trying to downplay what has been achieved is bad politics.”

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