Senator Sani To Buhari: Reshuffle Your Cabinet Now!

The senator representing Kaduna Central senatorial district,  Senator Shehu Sani has some advise for the Lion King.

He said the President needs to act fast because “there are hyenas, jackals and wolves within the cycle of the presidency that have personal interests other than that of Mr. President.”

Senator Sani, who serves as the Senate committee chairman on local and foreign debts, described those he wants sent packing as “the mafias that exists within presidency whose intents are different from that of Buhari but they are part of what is called presidency.”

The senator said if the first appointment was to appease political interests, then it is time the President appointed those who are capable of delivering the promised change.

He said, “One thing the President needs to do which is very important is for him to take a proactive stand in order to reset his presidency by looking at his cabinet in totality. Those who have failed should be shown the way out and those who have not been able to perform satisfactorily should be replaced or reshuffled.

“But it is time for Mr. President to throw some people out of his cabinet and change the portfolio of some of them so they can help him to perform better. There is mid-term fatigue that exists and the only way out is to bring in capable hands,” he said.

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