'The Producer pressed my breast'- Nollywood Actress

A Nollywood actress has accused a producer of sexually harassing her.

The actress, Omalicha Elom, in a recent interview claims that a Nollywood producer pressed her breasts while making forceful sexual advances.

She claims she was determined to show her talent while he was busy 'eyeing' her boobs.

"After I joined AGN in 2011, there was an audition I went for; while auditioning, the producer asked me to play out seducing him. As I was acting it with all my heart, not knowing he had ulterior motives, he grabbed my boobs and I was shocked", she said.

The  actress, who  says she stormed out of the naughty producer's office also accused some desperate ladies who want to act at all cost of paying  producers in Asaba about N200,000 just to appear in one or two scenes.

Meanwhile, Omalicha has defended other producers, as she blamed 'prostituting' actresses of giving some good people in the industry a bad name.

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