'How Tourism Can Sustain Nigeria's Economy

The World Tourism Day which was organized by Jethro Tours International focused on Nigeria’s tourism potentials. The organisers noted that “Nigeria is rich in culture with different ethnic groups and languages.”

“Nigeria is one of the richest nations in the world as far as culture is concerned. Culture is a very important tourism product that the country can package and project to the world.”

Prince Adetunji Femi Fadina, the managing director of Jethro Tours, said Nigeria was sitting on over 25 billion that has not been touched because Nigerians do not understand what tourism is all about.

In a statement, he stressed that Nigerians were sitting on an “unbelievable amount of money in tourism and yet say they don’t have money.”

Fadina pointed out that many years ago, Dubai was a desert but today everybody wants to be there. He also stated that if Gabon can do it, Nigeria has more than what it takes for it to be a tourism hub.

He also noted that South African depended on only gold before Nelson Mandela. Fadina added: “Talking about Nigerian tourism, we have culture and so many more; we have what they call epitome of tourism. As a country, as a state, we are richly blessed by God.

“Jethro Tours International signed a contract one year ago to promote every community in Nigeria. We have different types of tourism in Nigeria, the entertainment tourism, health, fashion, historical sites and monuments are in abundance across the country.

“Nigeria is no doubt blessed with so many tourist attractions. First, the country has so much diverse culture and traditions that are tourism potentials to the international tourist market. Second, the rich natural potentials such as the mountains, forests with many diverse wild animals and bird species, equally makes Nigeria a tourism haven for international visitor. But above all,
Nigerians are themselves very loving and hospitable people who play the role of accommodating guests to their esteemed tourists and other guests.”
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