Nollywood Actress Allegedly Offered 6 Move Roles For 6 Rounds Of Sex

Nollywood actress, Juliet Patrick Odigwe claims she was offered 6 movie roles for six rounds of sex in Owerri.

The Anambra State-born film star said;

“A production manager I met in Owerri came to me and said: ‘Babe, you are so good.

"I’ll give you six good jobs that can blow you to stardom, but after the six jobs, all I need from you are six good rounds of sex in return".

I gave him an outright ‘no’.

"I told him I could only take him for shopping when he makes me a star.

"However, it didn’t end well. Although, he got me two good jobs, I kept reminding him that I could only take him out for shopping. He was pissed off and that was the end of the matter. He stopped calling me for jobs.”

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