OAP Gbemi Is Certain Lagos State Mainlanders Have Inferiority Complex And Here Is Why

Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi is catching a lot of flak after she slammed Lagos mainlanders for mocking the Islanders who are currently battling the worst flood in recent times.

In case you missed what’s happening in Lagos: most parts of the high-profile area of Lagos got flooded yesterday following a torrential rainfall. Lagosians took to their social media yesterday to share photos of their damaged properties, the disturbing video of a white man kayaking along the Silverbird area, and also of men swimming in clogged roads.

Also, OAP Temilola Akinmuda took to her Twitter to tell a chilling story of how baby almost drowned in the Lekki flooding.

Amidst all of this mess, some Lagosians on the mainland who are mildly affected by the flood made banters about the Island situation. This was exactly why Gbegi took to her SnapChat to slam her mainland neighbours as well as to brag about the luxuries she enjoys on the Island.

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