Facebook (social media ): Is man inhumanity to man being exposed?

I think saying a prayer or two before stepping out of your house-to not be the object or subject of a video gone viral on Facebook, would really not be misplaced! And probably too, a prayer before opening your Facebook page-hoping not to see what you never bargained for!
I doubt it if any parent would would have sound sleep for days to come having by chance come across the video of his/her daughter being abused. With the knowledge (at the back of his mind that his friends, neighbors and colleagues at work might have viewed same!
The other day, I was watching a video of an accident scene. It was a very bloody accident-one better imagined than experienced or even witnessed. Many lifeless bodies lying around. There were two or three others still alive. One tried to raise himself; another, lying down with a raised knee that he continually move from left to right-maybe to indicate to any rescuer that he is not dead yet. But, to my disgust and consternation, the supposed rescuers are there for another mission. They are 'Facebook Scouts'! Their mission: to take pictures and record videos to be posted for their so called Facebook friends as some kind of 'entertainment'! Like showing some gory horror film!
The best among these scouts- for this is the best name I could think in order not to call them a name that may not be palatable to the senses-just offered something of an advice to the victim trying to raise himself to a sitting position. "O, don't get up; just lie down there"! And within seconds he was gone to another sight, to take another picture or video! Of the multitude of Facebook scouts around, this was the best help offered!
This is just one out of several videos and picture you are bound to come across any time you sign in to your social media especially Facebook. You can see why a prayer or two is never misplaced because that video or picture could just be you (God forbid), a family member or a friend!
In this same world where some risk their life to safe an animal: some few days ago I read of a 'hero' who punched a kangaroo to safe his dog! Incredible! And some professional photographers could work around in the midst of dead bodies and not-dead bodies in pains and could not show any human feeling!
Are we being exposed by Facebook as inhumane, or is Facebook transforming us to inhuman?



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