It's Mr President; not Madam President!

It's Mr President; not Madam President!
The mood in Nigeria is what I would term vicarious anxiety or misfortune! Yes, the cliché: when America sneezes the whole wide world catches cold may hold water, but I do not expect one to be more 'grieve-stricken than the bereaved'!
Nigerians loved the patriotic zeal of the Americans, but rather than copy this virtue and be patriotic (like the Americans) to the Nigeria project, they want to 'copy and paste'! Yes, they want to be patriotic to the American cause...that's what I will term vicarious patriotism.
Yes, the triumph by Trump, is to many Nigerians, a kind of bereavement! But Americans know what is good for them. It is left for the rest of the world to decide if what the Americans think is good in Trump is also good for them too! You see, nobody can ride roughshod over others if they are not willing; if America, under Trump, shows leadership, well and great. But if that leadership is lacking, then it may be the turn of another country to fill that void-Let us remember the Roman Empire, British Empire and others before them. But America is Smart; She would jealously not let go!



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